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FAQ for Wrestlers

Is WrestlerMerch a good fit for me?
Want to make some money without having to set up a small shop in your garage? For a small annual fee we do everything for you from supplying, printing, packing and shipping.
How do I start selling with WrestlerMerch?
Send us an email to with your name, some companies you've worked/work within professional wrestling, or association within professional wrestling plus your social media profiles. We'll send you an email full of information about our printing processes, and of all the details we need from you. These include personal and wrestling information, a promo pic and some t-shirt designs. If you don't have any designs ready to go we can refer you to some of the amazing designers already featured on our site.
Is there a limit of shirts I can have on my store?
No, however the most successful stores aren't flooded with too many products. Keep your designs high-quality and on brand for best results. 
How long does it take to open a store and/or set up a new product?
A store/product can take some time to create. In time of high traffic this may be delayed.
Can I edit my store?
If you would like to change or update anything on your store including: number of products, arrangement of products, product names, profile/banner picture, or any personal details including banking information please email support at 
Can I set the price of the products and choose my profit?
All products are set to fixed price [subject to change] to allow you maximum profits from each sale. You will receive an email after every sale you make. At the start of each month we send out a purchase statement from the entire month.
What do I do when a customer messages me about an issue with their order?
Let them know they can contact us by emailing and we will handle all customer queries directly.
Bulk Orders
Need shirts to sell at shows? Email us at for all bulk printing enquiries.